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October 19, 2017 Rants 0

I was finally able to put into words why the lunchmeat makes me mad:

It’s expensive. So I try alternative ways to supply and save money.

But you don’t tell me you don’t like really like roast beef. There are not many options you can eat.

No one tells me when they’re tired of sandwiches. But they expect it to always be in stock. So when people stop eating it, it goes bad.

I’m the only one who polices the expiration dates. And stock. So it’s gonna go bad. Unless I get help. Or people communicate that they’re sick of sandwiches. Or check the expiration date now and then. Or eat the oldest first.

So I kick myself for missing the expiration date. I feel awful for throwing away $5 worth of expensive lunchmeat. I’m frustrated because I spent money on food no one likes, that went bad. I’d rather spend money on food they like and eat.

I am buying only enough to last until it expires. Not too much. And not too little so I don’t have to repeatedly go to the store. Which disrupts my time to get other stuff done. It bugs me when people mass eat all the expensive meat, switching habits without informing me, so I have yet to go back to the store early or right after I was just there.

I can only observe so much. Predict what people want. Supply their needs before they anticipate them. What moms are expected to do.

And yes, money is tight right now, so we can’t pick up six things when we only really need one. But that doesn’t mean I’m the only one capable of holding back and only buying one item at the store. When necessary. I’m not the only one capable of going to the store.

No one really tries. It all falls on my shoulders.

And then I get accused of always “being that way”, in other words “bitchy”. I’m sorry a few words cannot functionally communicate my ire and the background behind it. Perhaps if you took the time to know me, you would understand without a long drawn out explanation like this post.


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